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All Bar One is a stylish space for spirited people to meet, celebrate life and share food, drinks and experiences.

Open for your morning coffee right through to the early hours on Saturdays, All Bar One is a place created with socialising in mind. Graze over tapas, fuel up with healthy guilt free eats or devour mouth watering cocktails all with an extra 12% saving courtesy of this digital voucher.

1. Select the denomination you would like to purchase.

2. Follow the checkout instructions. Your discount will be applied automatically.

3. Check your email inbox for your e-gift. Be sure to check your junk folder if you cannot find it.

4. Follow the link on the email to access your e-gift.

Where can I spend All Bar One gift cards?
All Bar One gift cards and digital vouchers are valid at any All Bar One in the UK as well as any other Mitchells & Butlers venue. You can search all available venues here. 

How do I spend an e-gift card received by email?
Simply show the email – which will contain a unique voucher code – to your server. 

Can I cancel my eGift once I have purchased it?
Yes cancellations will be available for valid unused eGifts by contacting our Help Centre. If you are experiencing any errors with your eGift please contact also our Help & Support centre.

Do I have to spend all the money on my gift card in one go?
Not at all. If there is any remaining balance on your digital voucher, feel free to come back and spend it before the expiry date. 

How long is my digital voucher valid for?
Our digital vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Where can I find out what the remaining balance is on my gift card?
To check the balance on your gift card, please click here and follow the simple instructions. 

  1. This card may not be exchanged for cash.
  2. This card is not a cheque guarantee, credit, debit or charge card.
    No change will be given but the balance can be used for future purchases.
  3. We will not be held liable for lost or stolen cards - protect this as you would cash.
  4. A gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  5. This card is valid at any of our venues in the UK as well as any other Mitchells & Butlers venue. You can search all available venues here:
  6. Gift cards can be purchased with a minimum value of £5, up to a maximum of £250. SMS and email gift cards should be treated as cash.
  7. If deleted they will not be resent. SMS gift cards will be free to receive for the guest. 
  8. Email gifts are valid either presented on a smart phone or printed out.
  9. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions. 
Format: eGift
Delivery: via Email

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